All essential services have been restored


So today we shut down the network to perform the decennial dust bunny hunt and re-cabling ceremony for the equipment rack. It was nice to pull out some dead equipment and rearrange the rest in a more reasonable fashion.

Given the advanced features of our Ikea garage storage rack unit, I had a couple issues with the network devices all piled up on each other. There isn’t enough room to give everything a flat spot on the shelf, but the previous solution was less than ideal for various reasons: the access point gets blocked, you can’t see which thing you are plugging something into the back of, and everything gets too warm. Oh, and earthquakes.

So I pulled out a handy ventilated equipment organizer, which had previously seen service holding slabs of pork ribs in the smoker. A box of zip ties (and a few shoelaces) later, I have a well organized and space-saving network.

Déjà vu all over again

It’s been, uh, 5 years since my last post? I don’t think I’ve logged in since then, either.

Guess what??


Yes, the same server is dead (for real this time) and the same white MacBook is keeping it running while I deal with it. The same pile of enclosures, too. I sure wish I could find that FireWire hub, however.

Please ignore my ugly theme

I’m working on it.

Welcome to my new blog

This site started one fine weekend when my server decided to take a vacation. To keep everything running, I had to do some pretty annoying things:

Yes, that is my brand-new MacBook. And yet another pile of FireWire drives. It seems that the factory-installed volume on my MacPro wasn’t set up to be able to boot from a G4 so I couldn’t use the 12 inch PowerBook, the usual backup in these situations. I went out and bought two new enclosures, pulled the drives, and wired up this monstrosity. It worked, but I was without my new laptop for a week while the server got a new graphics card.

In honor of the occasion, I registered a new domain. Now I have a place to post pictures of those scary scenes you’ve all seen and probably would rather not own up to. Well, your secret is safe here.